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Online Personal Training

Nutrition Support

$120 Per Month

Kyler provides "Dieting" for all types of clients; competitive athletes to everyday people.  He can work with you if you eat 1 meal a day or 10+ meals, no matter the goal, he can help you establish an regiment that will maximize your body in every situation that you encounter.  

Various styles include; Vegan, Paleo, Competitive, Superfood, Carb-cycling and more.  Are you a competitive bodybuilder?  Are you a wrestler or a fighter getting ready for a fight?  Whatever your plan is, Kyler will help you see it through.

Learn what works best for your lifestyle and goals.  It is 2020 and everyone has a different pace at which they live their life and what kind of environment they are in.  Choose a Personal Trainer that knows how to help someone like you!

Unlimited Text Message or Email Communication/Support

Fitness Coaching

$120 Per Month

Exercise, Cardio and Mobility routines organized according to your lifestyle and goals

Build you body from the ground up.  Learn everything you need in order to master your body from every angle, feeling confident in all exercise you perform

SHF App allows All-Time Best Tracking, Upload Before and After Photos, Track Cardio Routines, Schedule out all workout and cardio days and much more

Get insight into unique workout mechanics when it comes to building your body's day to day routine.  Learn how to manage yourself on the go as needed for any physical adversity

Kyler will design monthly workout and cardio routines, all of which are produced through the SHF app and has videos for each exercise making it easy to understand.  Also, easy to use schedule makes it easy for you to see what you are expected to do for the week and day!

Unlimited Text Message or Email Communication/Support

Fitness and Nutrition

$200 Per Month

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