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Vector Line Vortex Mechanics Now Available

Finally, Reverse the Effects of Modern Day Living From
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What is Vector Line Vortex Mechanics?

    VLVM is fascia based mobility and exercise performance training.  Simply put, science determined the mechanics of the body (bones, muscles, nerves, lymph, organs, glands and so on) before they discovered fascia tissue which controls all the mechanics of the body.  Dr. Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains for example has done extensive work to teach the true nature of the fascia tissue and its affects on the body. Fascia is the interconnected tissue that holds all things together in your body. 


Without fascia, your electromagnetic meat vessel would not be able to operate or hold itself together.  Everything you do affects fascia and fascia affects in return everything you attempt to do; digestion, movement, bone placement, can open or choke the blood, nerves and lymph as well.  




It is like soup stock in that it is; around the muscles, tendons ligaments organs and so on, through them as well and integrated with every part of the body and controls the optimization or performance of all 12 systems with the human body.  Your hair, skin and nails are an extension of fascia as well.​  Self Health Fitness is the first fascia based trainer.  The first to teach how to truly mobilize and exercise the fascia tissue. 


The first book available will be the last book most people ever need for their mobility.  In 6-12 months you will be asking yourself, how fit can I get, as opposed to... I hope I fix my knee, I hope I lose belly fat.​Fascia ultimately and truly basically put, controls how much blood, water, electricity and oxygen you can get into each cell, tissue or organ. 

Our generation sits in their stomach all day.  The fetal position, path of least resistance or kings chair.  As someone who as managed gyms all over the country and done this professionally for 18 years, SHF can say that there's a reason that obesity and pain are not going down despite more people than ever exercising.​We are going about it all wrong and this book is the beginning to fixing this major issue in our health care system. 


How do you expect to get belly fat out when you're so knotted up that you can't get blood, water, electricity or oxygen to the fat in the stomach.  Fascia is the Future of Fitness.​  For 99% of people, Self Health Fitness can guarantee results, the one percent that won't is part of the pareto distribution that will always exist.  These few will be people who are clearly to far gone in their health to make any progress.  As for the rest of us... there are no more excuses.  Do the work, take your body back in time and never look back.


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