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Vector Line Vortex Mechanics

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 Self Health Fitness

Kyler is devoted to teaching people everything they need to know specifically to their lifestyle.  Kyler wants people to be able to take care of themselves and stop searching for the help the are in desperate need.


Learning how to live for longevity gives you the tools to make the right decisions each day, no matter what situation you face. 


Change the way you think about health and wellness and what it means to be healthy every day! Contact Kyler at SHF today if you want to know more. 


Online Training


SHF provides "Dieting" for all
types of clients; competitive 
athletes to everyday people

Various styles include; Vegan,
Paleo, Competitive, Superfood,
Carb-cycling and more

Unlimited Text Message or
Email Communication/Support

per month




per month

Fitness Coaching; 
Exercise, Cardio and Stretching
Nutritional Support

Unlimited Text Message or
Email Communication/Support

Guaranteed Results!


Exercise, Cardio and Stretching
routines organized according
to your lifestyle and goals
All work Fascia based so that
you align your body mechanics
all while getting in the best 
shape of your life!

Unlimited Text Message or
Email Communication/Support

per month

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Nutrition Support

It isn’t just about what you eat and drink that matters for dealing with ailments or building the best you. It is also about focusing on the body, brain, and health consciousness – understanding how they all work together and support one another. When you are working with Kyler, you won’t just get a list of things you can eat and things you cannot. Your plan will be tailored to your situation and include the reasoning behind the recommendations. 

Fitness Coaching

It doesn’t matter whether you are an athlete, stay-at-home parent, or recreational gym buff -- the bottom line is that posture matters! At Self Health Fitness, Kyler wants to teach you how to do what you are already doing the correct way as well as introduce you to new exercises designed to align your posture and activate your full potential. Kyler can teach you amazing workouts and corrective exercises that not only make a difference in the level of chronic pain you experience, but also in the quality of your daily life.  Become the athlete you always knew you could be today! 

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